28 Apr Final Talks. Edited by David Godman. Our rating 5 out of 5. Paperback. pages. Published by Annamalai Swami Ashram. 18 May Dialogs with Annamalai Swami, a Self-realized expert on Self-enquiry The final section of the book contains transcripts of conversations that. Annamalai Swami: The “little self” is something which only appears to be real. .. Question: Bhagavan, in Talks with Ramana Maharshi, speaks of bhoga.

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The jnani, who is fully established in the shanti, is always aware that shakti is not separate from him.

You can make progress by having sat sangh of a realised Guru and by constant spiritual practice. Your vasanas [mental habits and tendencies] and all the wrong ideas you have about yourself are blocking and hiding the experience of the real Self. Could you please tell me exactly what they are and how they function? If you can resist the impulse to claim each and every thought as your own, you will come to a startling conclusion: Your real state is the Self, and in that Self there is no body and no mind.

Attempts to eliminate or control it cannot succeed while there is still a belief that the mind is real, and that it is something that can be controlled by physical or mental activity.

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It all is very well but I feel that I need some help. One may dream that one has woken up from a dream, but that waking up is still happening within a dream. What is the easiest way to be free of the “little self”? This meditation has to be continuous.

Reading this small book is like sitting in the room while advanced seekers interview a realized master. Siddharth Tripathi rated it it was amazing Feb 22, I thought that this yearning was a plus point in my favour.

Annamalai Swami: Final Talks : David Godman

Reprinted from The Mountain PathAradhana But how to give up this false idea that the mind is real? I would like Swami’s comments on this. This is very true. A lamp that is lit may blow out if the wind is strong.

Shakti and shanti [peace] are two aspects of the same consciousness. That is all you need to do.

Free copy of Annamalai Swami: Final Talks – Freddie Yam’s Blog

Can I ask another question about my enquiry? Can you offer any guidance on how to stabilise in fiinal state? It is the vasanas which cover up the experience of the Self. Since nothing exists except the Self, how does the Self manage to conceal Its own nature from Itself?

Annamalai Swami Final Talks

Children are born without egos. Treat the contents of your mind in the same way. But they dwami never succeed in getting rid of the snake until they first give up the idea that there really is a snake there.


Instead of filling your mind with thoughts and then organising fights between them, pay no attention to the mind at all. How does it originate? People funal want to kill or control the mind have the same problem: You can go to the top of Arunachala, but if you are not alert, if you are not paying attention, you may slip and end up at Easanya Math [a Hindu institution at the base of the hill].

Talks with Annamalai Swami

Talkw that there is the eye of the Self. If you can catch them early enough and frequently enough they will not cause you trouble. Amy marked it as to-read Nov 04, When this dream life ends and a new one begins, there is no knowledge that both dreams are happening in the underlying dream of samsara.

After you have reached that source, you discover that everything that exists — world, Guru, mind — is one. Annamxlai said that we should apply these same tactics to the mind.

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