NERVESCO TS ARCLATHERM HUURE IBERICA HI-CT BATITHANE T. Open the catalogue to page 3. Tooling list (per roofing profile) Roofing or tank type. VAW ALUFORM 29/ ARCLASTYL T ARCLATHERM TS BATITHERM 36 T (HAIRONVILLE ) DECAPANEL C3 FIRESTEEL ( COBACIER. EOTA and bene¿ts an ATE No to 2×1 to 2×1 4. T 13 76 18 Insulating sandwich panel ARCLATHERM TS 3 39 1 22 72 HV .

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Steel deck and sandwich panel roof. Weight of opening leaf: This smoke vent is a real innovation. Integrated in the control box, it allows the transmission of the order of command for the setting in safety.

H 24 V emission 3. Nord Les Pins – B. This product is designed for zenithal lighting. Aerodynamic surface Aa table above. These smoke extractors can be actuated by 2 distinct manual actions 1st and 2nd zone. Renovation Adaptation Product line Dimensions Performances References Inner dimensions in cm Lighting Surface SLu in m2 C 50 50 x 50 0,25 C 60 60 x 60 0,36 C 70 70 x 70 0,49 C 80 80 x 80 arclathrem C 85 85 x 85 0,72 C x 1,00 C x 1,44 C x 1,69 C x 1,96 C x 2,25 C x 2,56 C x 3,24 C tx 4,00 50 x 50 x 0,50 70 x 70 x 0,70 x x 1,40 x x zrclatherm x x 2,00 x x 1,92 x x 2,16 x x 2,40 x x 2,88 x x 3,00 x x 3,60 x x 2,80 x x 3,75 x x 4,50 x x 3,20 x x 4,00 x x 4,80 x x 4,50 x x 5,40 x x 5,00 x x 6, H g H g H g H g.

B-s1, d0 – Simple and double dome: For further colours, please consult us. Other arclathherm are available with straight upstands please, consult us. The different adaptations available allow an easy arclaterm on concrete, wood or on curtain wall.


SL and SL Renovation Adaptation The hinges are arlatherm in the longest side of the skylight. Arclathwrm the CO2 cartridge Screw the plate Fixing screw Fit the cover low part with the brackets Use the black clips to maintain the box cover Pneumatic. The vents can be used on simpliest projects as well as more architectural ones. It includes preheating in order to avoid condensing, dew, damp… They can be powered by: Contact us for more information.

More by this publisher Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Re 1, arxlatherm Re 10, Painted RAL Acoustical panel Hexasteel Pass closed Hexasteel Pass open. For additional details, see the rubric of the options. ADEXSI has become one of the leading fs in the market of skylights and natural smoke ventilators. Product line Renovation Adaptation. P standard PCA 10 ref. Aluminium insulated panel 30 mm: Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the Adexsi team, global solutions for lighting and smoke extraction for any type of buildings can be offered.

C x 1,00 C x 1,44 C x 1,96 C x 2,56 x x 1,50 x x 2,00 x x 2,30 x x 2,80 Product line.

Adexsi’s lighting, daily and smoke ventilation solutions

Our 3 factories and employees manufacture more than 60, units per year. Height of mm with thermal insulation of 15 mm.

Thickness of frames is 50 or 60 mm. Red-tinted plastic box Electric modules H With regular skylights, ventilators and control systems on stock, short delivery times can be obtained.


Roofing type / profiles – 2CA – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

The opening power is given by gas springs integrated in the system. E PCA 16 ref. It is designed to bring fresh air on natural or mechanic smoke ventilation. Its translucent pivoting blades allow natural smoke ventilation and lighting.

Calaméo – Adexsi’s lighting, daily and smoke ventilation solutions

The opening power is given by 1 CO2 piston integrated in the whole system. Overall height per leaf D: Red-tinted metallic box HP: Could be thermal insulated.

Daily ventilation Electrical contactor Thermofuse: The opening power is given by a 24V drive integrated in the whole system. This smoke vent is a veritable innovation. The opening frame can only be actuated manually.

Hexashed Adclatherm is destinated to zenithal lighting. With its foldable windshields, the DoP Eventail can reach a high level of aerodynamic performances, while preserving the aesthetic aspect of the building. Adexsi’s lighting, daily and smoke ventilation solutions by Bluetek Global solutions for lighting, daily and smoke ventilation Roof and Wall Smoke ventilation systems Global solutions for lighting, daily and smoke ventilation Roof and Wall Smoke ventilation systems Less.

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