Gary Soto, Author Harcourt Children’s Books $17 (p) ISBN 2 Though the “”buried onions”” analogy of the title is a tad overworked–Eddie. When nineteen-year-old Eddie drops out of college, he struggles to find a place for himself as a Mexican American living in a violence-infested neighborhood of. In Buried Onions, what did Mr. Stiles do at the end of Chapter 6? At the end of Gary Soto. A Summer Life. Gary Soto. Small Town with One Road. Gary Soto.

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What is the essential question or problem of the book?

He lives in a hard part of town where everyone cries since things are so hard. This book sets a good example of how a person should react to all of this negativity.

Lastly, at the very end of the story, Eddie comes across a past character, and from his presence and his position on the onion, farm causes him to think of his time in Fresno. For a boy like Eddie that is very hard to do so it is realistic that he couldn’t turn it around completely but his life got better.

Buried Onions by Gary Soto | Scholastic

As a general connection we all know that racism and prejudice plagued our history and from this hate, multiple events such as the French and Indian war, slavery, the Civil War, and so much more had occurred. Also, because i had to read it for our summer reading project.

What do you think of the onions metaphor in the book? Eddie dreams of having a permanent job, getting out of his violent neighborhood, and keeping out of trouble all while steering himself in a positive direction. Further information on the back cover suggests Eddie is presented with an additional challenge with which he must grapple as he attempts to avenge his cousin’s death.

His favorite cousin was recently stabbed to death and his acquaintance is trying to kill him. He didn’t want to be just another child who was mediocre. In the end, with his money gone and a dangerous gang member stalking him, Eddie’s only choice is to Eddie always smells the scent of onions in the air–the sharp bitter odor of hopelessness and anger that haunts the poor side of Fresno.


This book is accessible to middle-school reading levels, yet the content is geared more toward older students. Eddie always smells the scent of onions in the air–the sharp bitter odor of hopelessness and anger that haunts the poor side of Fresno.

He has little willpower, and things happen to him, rather than him going out and making things happen. He has no sotoo for his feelings, but he is strong enough not to take them out on other people. Loneliness appears throughout the book mainly with Eddie.

The whole book is negative towards the conflict and it is wanting Eddie to do the right thing throughout the whole book. One could argue that he simply tries to see them through the eyes of his adolescent narrator, but all of the women in this novel ultimately seem like little more than cardboard cutouts of women than actual humans caught in the same system of violence and boredom.

Of course, we pnions mess up sometimes, and eventually, Eddie does the same. After what happened to his cousin, he is constantly accosted by his aunt to avenge his death.

Yet idle hands are the devil’s tools, and Eddie soon finds him hometown of Fresno becomes overwhelmingly oppressive. Making an effort to walk a straight line despite constant temptations and frustrations, Eddie searches for answers after the death of his cousin and discovers that his closest friends may be his worst enemies.

Characters have distinct voices. Another theme the author expressed was not to run with the wrong crowd.

Buried Onions – Gary Soto – Google Books

May 13, Asenath rated it it was ok Shelves: Eddie has lost his father, two uncles, best friend, and most recently his cousin. This book went further in allowing the reader to immerse themselves in the story by incorporating the Spanish language here and there also including a Spanish to English glossary in the back.


Dec 18, Kayla rated it really liked it. He has since published many novels, short stories, plays, and poetry collections for adults and young people.

Buried Onions

Eddie’s aunt is trying to get him to kill the person who killed her mijoher son. The gritty realism adds to the isolation he feels in his desperate situation. Trying to avoid gang life. He has garu dropped out of community college, he had been a troubled kid being a gangster. In addition, female characters play only a superficial role in this text as a one night love interest, nagging aunt, or a cash strapped mom in another city. Preview — Buried Onions by Gary Soto.

There was so much buildup within the bburied I was onipns disappointed with the ending. The minute he came to these terms he knew he could push forward. This book had beautiful imagery, not only with the onion metaphor, but also just with the way the author paints the pictures of the world around Eddie.

From this scene alone you could infer that the connection between him and the day her dog died would forever be there, in other words, no matter how much she would try to forget her precious dog’s death every time she came across Eddie the bhried would cross her mind. It was well written and it was very realistic because gang violence really does happen, and anyones life could be taken at any time. To view it, click here.

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