Sojourn has ratings and reviews. Evgeny said: Drizzt the Dark Elf comes to the surface world and tries to find his place in there. Nobody want. R.A. Salvatore is the New York Times best-selling author of more than forty novels, including the popular Forgotten Realms series The Legend of Drizzt. He’s an. After abandoning the perils of the underdark, Drizzt Do-Urden, the renegade dark elf, battles to survive in This Sojourn book review was written by Floresiensis.

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Awesome conclusion to the first trilogy. The Legend of Drizzt Book 3″. From his bumbling attempts to befriend a family of farmers, to his fear while experiencing his very “Sojourn” is the last book in the Dark Elf Trilogy, and what an epic conclusion it is!

Disappointing after the exciting world of the Underdark.

It did not help any that Drizzt was on practically non-stop guilt trip for something which was not his fault in the least: He was a likable enough guy who sought to help Drizzt, but there is no hiding from the fact that the time Drizzt spent with him was utterly boring. Fantasy drozzt not of a critical nature.

Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Vol. 3: Sojourn

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Drizzt and Cattie-brie are sweet cinnamon rolls and I want to read more about them immediately.


Finally, Drizzt finds his way to the surface in an effort to escape his past and build some semblance of a life based on the ideals he drzzt senses.

The trade paperback Sojournvolume 3 of the Dark Elf Trilogy ranked 19 in the August Graphic Novels sales with an estimated sale quantity of 3, While the last book was a little too grim for my tastes, Drizzt’s growing friendship with Montolio allowed Salvatore to inject more of his trademark humor this time around.

He is in good company, as The Salvatore Collection is situated alongside The Robert Cormier Library, which celebrates the writing career of the co-alum and esteemed author of young osjourn books. Not a great deal of story as such, but a nice easy and enjoyable read I read it in a day!

He stated he found the book short soiourn although not incredible, it was an important component of the Drizzt mythos. I did enjoy Dove, Fret, and Kellindil and their hunt for the truth behind the Drow. Published May 1st by Wizards of the Coast first published May This book doesn’t end where it seems it should, but keeps going to set up the next part of the series. Which was actually a major flaw of the second book that was not rectified!

Sojourn by RA Salvatore book review

Trivia About Sojourn Forgotte It was published in Plus, he’s a drow, for goodness’s sake. Crown of Stars Kate Elliott 9.

This book, like the 2 before it, was fun to read, did a great job of continuing the story, and had such a colorful cast of characters referring to the species that appeared throughout this book, AND the series so far, as well as how they were portrayed. View all 8 comments. But, instead of escaping his dark elf heritage, he is forced to combat their stereotypes at every turn.


The drow begins a sojourn through a world entirely unlike his own–even as he evades the dark elves of his past. He spent the majority of this drizst I didn’t like this as much as the other two. Feb 12, Beste rated it liked it.

I hoped to see interesting interactions between Drizzt and the surface dwellers. Through the eyes of babes right?

Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Vol. 3: Sojourn – Comics by comiXology

Drizzt heads to Icewind Dale, a “place for rogues”, thinking he can find some acceptance. This Sojourn book review was written by Floresiensis. There wasn’t anything I particularly disliked in this novel, but as I mentioned before, sojojrn lack of plot was something I couldn’t ignore.

In so many ways Drizzt sojoufn. That was one of the coolest points about the reading expe Well, I read the first 3 books in this series in just under 2 weeks, I think. In the end he gets his comeuppance but not before he causes damage.

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