Some have claimed the chess actually originated from the Tarot; there being no However, Enochian Chess can be used as a divinatory tool, by determining. Enochian or Rosicrucian Chess. Rules of Play. Preface. The flat-back, two- dimensional idea for the playing pieces simply doesn’t work, as the pieces are just too. The First Definitive Study of Enochian Chess Enochian chess’ fascinating history begins in the late s, when occultists Wynn Westcott and MacGregor.

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Example 3 a Hoor defense. It would have also caused all the other players to reconsider their next moves. Air Water 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 Earth Fire Figure 34 — Piece Positioning for Opening Play Settings Part II — Book of Air In the following combinations of piece positioning, any com- bination, when chosen for game play, would be repeated in each Angle of the board being used.

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There- fore, Q3c seems better as a first move. In both Chris and I put some of our findings in a small volume titled Enochian Chess. Since a number of authors to date have tried to look for some special esoteric significance for this fact, I can concur with McLean that he was quite correct in his assumption. Earth cannot now move its Knight to open up protection for the Queen and has to move a pawn to provide an escape for its King.

When three Ships come together and the fourth Ship com- pletes the square, the fourth Ship takes the other three ships.

Enochian Chess

Enochian chess was traditionally played on one of four specially constructed boards. Pawns do not move backward or at right angles to their direction of play as indicated from their opening positions. For Enochian chess, I say doubly so. The pawn in front of the King belongs to the piece sharing the Throne Square at the beginning of play.

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Earth Knight to 3c would result in blocking pawn movement necessary to release the Bishop. The Fire Bishop move, however, was premature without backup and ineffectual unless planning to take the Queen. In the former the 8 squares are allotted to 6 signs, two of which are moved to twice. In the case of an opening cyess with a Knight, the following could take place.


There are four schools of thought as to the make-up of these pyramid squares. A closer look, however, will show that, if the chess positions are based on the Kerubic Square associations of the Enochian Tablets, there are only eight different settings. This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat The Magicians of the Golden Dawn. What is obvious, as you will see in the following exam- ples, is that piece value cheds more evident after each open- ing move has been made.

Both the author and publisher appreciate hearing from you and learning of your enjoyment of this book and how it has helped you. Each square of the boards is divided into four flat faces, and if you look down onto a square, it has the appearance of a pyra- mid shape, which in fact is what it is.

In this case there are some who still paint on the attributions and others who prefer to leave the attributions off. A pawn of rook promotes to a rook, a pawn of knight promote to a knight, etc. In this way you will be able to see the situation described in the text. The four sets of pieces were variously colored, and identified with Egyptian deities or “god-forms”.

Because of this, it is advisable not to make early sacrifices. Both pieces are captured if an enemy piece moves into a throne square while it is still occupied by the both original pieces.

With only two pieces threatening Ale, Air decides there is no immediate threat, for it also has two covering pieces, Knight and pawn. The others are cited only to help establish the historical pedigree for Enochian chess. The Horses move awry, crossing three squares at a time; the Ship moves diagonally, two squares at a time, O Yud- ishthira.

The shoulder straps are red and his collar, wristbands, ankle bands and arm bands are red and yellow striped.

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What rules could be found in the Order papers were fragmentary and obscure and could not possibly provide a practical basis for a playing strategy. Zalewski To the Reader: The pieces of the cap- tured King become frozen Rule 8. If the usurping king is captured, control of the friendly army reverts to the original player, assuming that the army still has a king to lead it.

His tight-fitting clothes have two holes where his hands protrude, and a menat falls from the back of his neck. The Rajah moves one square in any direction. This can cost you. Earth must, in move 2, go P3c because of Bishop crossfire to P4b. Her nemyss is gold and the band around it is red.

Example 2 Air Board playing deosil. Suitable coloring materials must also be obtained. In when Israel Regardie first came to New Zealand, he was astounded at the development to which Chris had taken the game of Enochian chess, as he mentioned in his introduc- tion to our unpublished book on the Golden Dawn Tarot. The intricacies involved in the commentaries on the game examples will be incomprehensible unless you actually see the pieces move across the board with the moves described.

Also, a pawn may only promote to its type. Watch list is full. She sits on a yellow and purple throne and wears a yellow robe. Openings Pawn opening — Earth to move first: Since then I have seen no need to improve upon it.

In effect, the pawn becomes a normal FIDE pawn. Her study of the Enochian chess game for the last 14 years was acknowledged by the late Israel Regardie as taking the game to an area that was quite beyond him.

At the time, we thought that this material was hardly more than adequate; there were quite a number of gaps.

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