The collapse of the Soviet Union has opened up a huge consumer market, but how do you sell things to a generation that grew up with just one type of cola?. Homo Zapiens has ratings and reviews. Jasmine said: Five stars for a book that I resent? Certainly why not? From the second that I started to. Anthony Quinn reviews book Homo Zapiens by Victor Pelevin (M).

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I’d like to think that I have a bit of a Russian soul.

Homo Zapiens

This book suffers from the same problems that Tom Robbins continually stumbles over, which is that he wants to convey some grand idea and then he has one character ask a couple questions to fake a dialog, while the hommo character expounds endlessly with the writer’s voice. No Chekhovian introspection here, nor much plot; perhaps there’s no time for such things in the new Russia.

Here you are shown time azpiens again that his ad copy sucks, yet he’s taken as being brilliant and I’m pretty sure that it isn’t supposed to be ironic. Feb 05, A. Oct 14, Kate Sherrod rated it it was amazing Shelves: A satirical Russian novel about a guy who gets a job in advertising, and is slowly and inexorably sucked into the tangled mess zapuens propaganda, money and manipulation at the heart of turn-of-the-Millennium Russian society.

Pelevin has an excellent narrative voice. Mind-blowing book about how propaganda, especially of the commercial kind, literally infects our being. As a success, he is no longer a human being, he is a wow. This book isn’t an easy one to read, hpmo it’s worth it. I loved reading it as much as it was a slog.


I shall extrapolate and possibly decide and review later Homo Zapiens, the title refers to a theorized new, devolved form of human being whose thoughts and reactions are largely governed by the television, even if, maybe especially if, what he’s mostly doing is zapping to avoid commercials — is Pelevin at his most gleefully nihilistic as he surveys the chaos that was Russia in the 90s. Some might suggest that the US in the novel is presented from a very alternative and insightful point of view.

Books: Homo Zapiens – TIME

Tatarsky suspects that the mixture is made up of mostly worthless cut and a small amount of amphetamines rather zapiesn cocaine. De ce il mai citim atunci?

Wildly creative but somewhat undisciplined, Pelevin’s work has yet to find its center, but he has such talent that a masterpiece at some point in the future isn’t out of the question. Metaphorically media puppets shown in the novel may actually represent modern authorities whose success without exception depends on media, and how those media present them to people.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

Dec 23, Vincent rated it really liked it. Pentru ca ne ofera o alta posibilitate de a ne hommo in modul de gindire, greu accesibil altfel, al locuitorilor imensului si nelinistitorului spatiu de la rasarit. It’s the most constant and significant theme, the rest appears as a support for it. Books by Victor Pelevin.

It depicts the mechanics by means of which one group of people stimulates consumption of goods by the other group of people at the same time fulfilling their own demand for material values.

It’s unclear whether or not we readers are expected to take this zapiena as true for this fictional world, or as just another whopper his co-workers and employers have laid on for Babylen’s confusion or edification, and it’s one of the amazing things about this novel that it ultimately doesn’t matter if the reader believes zapens or not, if Babylen’s superiors believe it or not, or if Babylen believes it or not.


The other issue he pays attention to is the way to take it cocaine — to sniff it through a hundred dollar bill. There are many other secondary characters in the novel and at times it is hard to keep them all in mind. A weird obsession with pens and a preponderance of references to buddhism that don’t actually explain that they are references to buddhism.

The clunky writing must come from the fact that no editor ever set eyes on this translation.


Tatarsky presents a specific approach to taking drugs as a marking point on the social level. Mar 02, Tracy Zaipens rated it it was amazing. The picture printed on an LSD blotter stamp is perceived by the dealer to influence the effects of LSD acting similarly to an advertisement, imprinting certain associations upon the user.

Was worth reading anyway.

It’s got a really satisfying cynical style that doesn’t go overboard, and the frank pseudo-academic writing on advertising is absolutely wo A satirical Russian novel about a guy who gets a job in advertising, and is slowly and inexorably sucked into the tangled mess of propaganda, money and manipulation at the heart of turn-of-the-Millennium Russian society. Views Read Edit View history.

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