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Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre Law () was published in July and replaces this former Forestry and Wildlife Law (). Peru, Ley , Ley Forestal y de la Fauna Silvestre (), arts. 6(c) and 32; Decreto supremo no. AG, Reglamento de la Ley Forestal y de la. Ley No. , Ley de Áreas Protegidas, El Peruano, 4 July Ley No. , Ley General de Expropiaciones, El Peruano, 20 May Ley No.

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To investigate the root of the problem, we used OSINFOR data to 1 document how many of the logging concessions have been cancelled for severe violations, and 2 examine, with a focus on the Department of Loreto in the northern Peruvian Amazon, whether 2730 nature of the violations indicate that the legal logging concessions are enabling the illegal logging. Impacts of unsustainable mahogany logging in Bolivia and Peru.

Promote timber extraction through a third party.

Forests and Wildlife Law (Peru) | The REDD Desk

Volume cedar documented in Balance of Extraction not from concession unit. Active – not Supervised Vigente. The fight for red gold: A GTF includes information regarding the species, volume, and place of origin of the transported material. Corruption and illegal logging in Ghana. Thus, we argue that the problem is a combination of a lack of oversight and enforcement prior to OSINFOR inspections, and fundamental shortcomings of existing law. We note that all of these violations were discovered in inspections done during or later—after entry into force of the US-Peru TPA.

Specifically, logging permits based on falsified annual plans are widely used to harvest trees in unauthorized areas. Please review our privacy policy. For more information on issues related to indigenous communities, indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation, labor and human rights violations, and corruption, see the following works 141819 Open in a separate window.


Logging Concessions Enable Illegal Logging Crisis in the Peruvian Amazon

Fieldwork and analysis of satellite imagery supports these findings. One of the most commonly cited problems was not finding the stumps of the supposedly harvested trees at the coordinates stated in the Lsy. Timber extraction exceeding authorized volumes.

Their central role is to carry out post-harvest field inspections, known as supervisions, to ensure that the concessionaire complied with both the annual operating plan and national lsy Instead, they become a tradable item and enable loggers to launder timber extracted outside of authorized areas Land-use allocation protects the Peruvian Amazon. Moreover, the nature of the violations indicate that the leey associated with legal concessions are used to harvest trees in unauthorized areas, thus threatening all forested areas.

The Peruvian Amazon is an important arena in global efforts to promote sustainable logging in the tropics. Here, we focus on the Peruvian Amazon and analyze official information to better understand both the geographic scale and documented legal violations related to illegal logging.

Failure to pay harvesting rights within the established timeframe. Figure was made with ArcGIS Cutting seed or regeneration trees. Sears and Pinedo-Vasquez 16 found regular inconsistencies between the location of the authorized logging areas and the actual origin of the raw logs through interviews with loggers arriving to a port in southern Loreto.

We grouped the logging concessions into four categories based on whether or not they have been supervised and the results of those supervisions Figure 1Table 1.

277308 authors declare no competing financial interests. Authorized timber cedar in the POA left standing. Footnotes The authors declare no competing financial interests. The POA includes detailed information for each individual tree to be extracted in that year’s particular parcel, including species, estimated harvest volume of sawn timber, and GPS coordinates The Peruvian Amazon is an ldy arena in efforts to promote sustainable commercial logging due to its large forested area, high biodiversity, sizable concentrations of desired hardwoods such as 2730 and cedarand widespread problems with illegal logging 910 For example, if the concessionaire harvested a tree, the inspector should find evidence, such as a freshly cut stump, at that location.

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In particular, illegal logging is widespread throughout the tropics, and corruption is a commonly cited cause 345678.

PLoS One 5e The role of governance and norms in Peru. Environmental Investigation Agency, These findings highlight the need for additional reforms. Of these, we 2738 and reviewed the resolutions for concessions.

The unobtained resolutions were for newly supervised concessions and were emitted after we closed our data-collection process. No indications of a census being performed. Of the six concessions with mahogany violations, four were documented after Based on the information in the approved POA, a concessionaire may remove timber from a concession. Grounds for cancellation of a concession. Unauthorized timber extraction or extraction outside authorized zone.

Acquisition, transformation, or marketing of illegally extracted timber. To view a copy of leyy license, visit http: Change 42— Authorized timber non-cedar in the POA left standing. Timber extraction outside of the concession limits. As of Septemberthe Peruvian government had created logging concessions, all in the Amazon watershed.

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