I looked in my bag and saw that I have been dragging the book SAD by Looch around for the last couple of months and have not yet read it. Looch is one of a small minority of mentalists who specialize in close up walk around mentalism. Having enjoyed his book and DVD set I was. From the mind of one of Mentalism’s rising stars comes an important book of practical, simple and direct mentalism. Why should you be interested in this book ?.

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Little Door by R.

Simple And Direct (SAD) Mentalism by Looch – Book

Reading the body language of several spectators to determine their names. It would also raise the bar for new creators, and ensure that the buying magicians and mentalists would be able to rely on a “seal of approval” given by a bona fide board.

In any technical publication, when building upon another published idea to create something new it is acceptable to reference and explain the prior work, with credit to the original.

Looch is one of a small minority of mentalists who specialize in close up walk around mentalism.

Little Door by R. Since it was an adaptation of a well-known gimmick for a different effect, my friend decided not to bother making a stink over it. How much would an old effect have to be changed in order for it to be considered new?

Waters was another like that, as was my old friend, now deceased, Max Abrams lawyer, author, mentalist. While the principles may not be new, his straightforward approach is refreshing.

Only the expression of that idea. Having enjoyed his book and DVD set I was keen to see what his latest work has to offer.

Despite having already received great value for may money I was further thrilled to read his thoughts on the “Spectator as mind reader” plot, how to choose your spectators, layering your methods for maximum impact, dealing with chance and coincidence and the e-book finally ends with an idea that is so devious even Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be able to fathom.


I have seen him perform several times now in the UK and shared the stage with him a few years ago. I’m not taking sac position on the Looch book yet. I also know that another controversy exists around Looch’s book He smiled and said that it was his, that hed shown it to a friend at an East Coast convention with, unfortunately, another guy in the room.

And the thing about all of Looch’s material is that it is so simple loocb can concentrate on the performance aspect of it. Next Looch discuses ideas loocy creating a working set which is flexible enough to be cut short due unforeseen events. Luke lolch ‘Building Blocks’ when he wasn’t even 20, and it is without a doubt one of the best books on suggestion based effects I have ever come across.

Once a person has published an idea, it is out there for others to use, if they’ve come upon the publication legally. I doubt I will ever lokch them. Did this review help you? Two, I felt that the effects and methods were loooch laid out. His style is great and the material in this book is some of his best. I really enjoyed the book and made notes.

Once that was determined, participants would have to agree on it. I have read many old trick descriptions where the “standard” bits are long gone.

But I liked his thinking. Find Out how to pay. Even if you don’t do close-up or walk around mentalism, you will see some great ideas and good theory here. With a large sigh, I opened the book and began to read. Feel free to contact us. This is for actually all of his creations Hopefully, the Board’s impact would be effective enough to prevent immoral not illegal out-and-out appropriation of another’s ideas, and would discourage those who have not truly advanced an effect sufficiently to be considered “novel” or “useful.


It is very sad to see so many releasing works that are not only redone versions of better effects out there but many do not even bother to credit the sources of inspiration let alone blatant thievery.

Magic Tricks

Llooch point being, lopch board could make findings and produce a report, but if the buyer of the service chose to ignore what he paid for, would he be under any obligation to follow or use the boards recommendations? It is this variant that disturbs me most in that I’ve seen it abused far too much in our world when it comes to competitions and community honors.

It’s not like the old days when you used to have to give the telly a thump to get it to behave.

None expressed concerns re: I think peer pressure and honest reviews will help push those who need it towards getting an education in the history and fundamentals of the Craft.

The only workable way today is through reviews.

Looch DVD vs. his book S.A.D | theory11 forums

Is it a literary pinnacle of success. Doesn’t anyone consider those ends worthwhile? I looked in my bag and saw that I have been dragging the book SAD by Looch around for the last couple of months and have not yet read it.

I think Looch has done that.

He has used ideas of Moshe Botwinick, Richard busch and others and while he does acknowledge some of their material, what he gives away is still theirs.

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