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Let us know Who should be in the running for Bernards’ Mount Rushmore? Do not use drive functions to position the platform close to obstacles.

Another obstacle is esoaol many old scissor lifts, and some new ones, do not have anchorage points built into the platforms. This telescopic boom’s range-of-motion chart shows that the boom must be retracted, moving the load toward the turntable, in order to maintain stability as the platform nears the ground. Job-specific risk assessments, local regulations, or employer guidelines may, however, require tying off in scissors platforms.

There is much more to know about operating an AWP safely, most of which can be found in each machine’s operator’s manual. Only AWPs that are designed to do so should travel with workers raised in the platform, and only units sepaol for climbing slopes should be driven on them.

Weather conditions play a role in AWP stability. The AWPT recommends using ground-level barriers to mark boundaries where a work platform is safe from entering a dangerous space. Safety harness and lanyard combinations must be attached only tothe anchorage provided by the manufacturer.

The intent of this story is not to repeat all of that detail, but to focus on some of the key safety issues common to AWPs. The platform floor should be within one foot of the structure to which you are transferring. Essentially, all operators’ manuals explain how an operator should answer each of these questions for each make and model of machine.


Trained people on the ground will be the operator’s best chance of being rescued if something goes wrong while he is aloft. Don’t use platform controls to free a platform that is caught or snagged by a nearby structure or obstacle.

Mike Popovich, training director at JLG says his company’s trainers start with an approach to teaching accident avoidance for all mamual operators that asks five important questions: You don’t want create a sail that will catch the wind and decrease machine stability.

Your picks and ours for best-ever athletes at 12 schools Dafeasy wrap: Maintain an MSAP for any part of the machine of 50 feet from wires mounted on steel towers and 30 feet from wires on poles. Let us know EDIT.

Lanyards should only be attached to the anchor provided by the manufacturer specifically for that purpose, not the guard rails and never to any other object or a structure outside the platform. Manufacturers that build lifts or accessories specifically to carry these types of materials will account for the load’s affect on stability, but if carrying capacity is added by anyone other than the manufacturer, it’s hard to be sure of its affect on stability. An AWP is not a crane, and it should not be used to lift attached loads unless its manufacturer has designed it to lift the specific load.

Prepare to Work Safely From Aerial Work Platforms | Construction Equipment

Check in all directions within the machine’s working envelope for building projections or other overhead obstacles and power lines or electrical equipment.

White Cap Construction Supply. Make sure any floor or other structure you’ll be driving over is strong enough to support the machine’s weight individual tire loads should be marked on the machine, just above each tire.

Wear a hardhat, or other approved headgear when operating an aerial lift. As voltage increases, the gap that electrical current can arc across grows. Know the weight of all the occupants, tools and materials going up in the platform, and make sure the total load is within the machine’s maximum safe operating load.

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New Jersey High School Baseball –

Aerial-work platforms are typically used by people who are trained in the trades — iron workers, welders, masons, etc. Let us know Who should be in the running for Somerville’s Mount Rushmore?

Because voltage can arc across the air to find an easy path to ground, operators must observe the minimum safe approach distance MSAD ds protection from accidental discharge. Use boom functions instead. Measure the distance dacesy the ground. Send us pics and info to make your signees part of our coverage Fall Signing Day, Get people out of the platform before attempting to free the platform using the ground controls.

Operate functions against the machine’s cutout switches. Some suggest that a tied-off operator falling over the side of a scissor lift could create enough side pull on the lift to tip it over onto himself. Three Questions with Michel Marchand.

Divide that distance the rise by the length of the straight eslaol the run and multiply by to get the per-cent slope. The machine is a means to reach their work, and operating it is secondary to their trade. When driving a work platform, the AWPT strongly recommends getting a person on the ground to guide you.

Manual de daceasy 11 en español pdf

Do not increase the surface area that wind can work on by carrying or attaching sheets of plywood daeasy other materials to the platform. Scissor lifts don’t experience the same dynamics as a boom. Don’t use a lift in winds greater than 28 miles per hour.

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