Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography [Swami Muktananda, Muktananda, Paul Zweig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This best selling spiritual autobiography of Swami Muktananda tells the story of his journey to self-realization under the guidance of Bhagawan Nityananda. The 3rd edition of Play of Consciousness by Swami Muktananda marks the 30 years that his spiritual autobiography has been in print. Includes photos of Baba.

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Now this short work has been completed. She looks conciousness the clock. Return to Book Page. Bhagawan Nityananda was a most divine Guru, who did not display his inner secrets. It is a gift of Her grace. May Sri Nityananda, the goal of meditation of Siddhas, the spring of Vedanta, paly divine Witness who is realised consciousnesss knowledge and detachment, promote our true welfare.

It may automatically enter a seeker at any time. Similarly, all the acts of the Gurudev are motivated by Chitshakti, being only different scenes in Her drama. As the Shakti saturates her, she begins to understand the real nature of her children, and she acquires the ability to equip them with learning, modesty and artistic skills, and to lead them towards their highest goal.

Thus extending devotion to any pretender, one deprives himself of inner certitude. Later, after I gained maturity, during the period of my practice of meditation, the time of my spiritual schooling, I began to miss my mother.

I am Rama, I am Krishna! You are the throbbing energy of Parashiva, His beloved consort and His dynamic expression.

As a result, his condition continued to deteriorate. Muktananda was an illiterate person in formal education, was also very s This book is my favorite book.


His manner of instruction is sometimes that of a story-teller, sometimes that of a philosopher. If the process is subtle, it may not be perceived at first; but even muktanaanda, the aspirant must continue his practice with full faith, love, reverence and pay. This book is a journey of a mystic through meditations and vivid descriptions of his experiences. He fills their homes with the peace of solitude and consciousmess quiet of a cave, spiritualising their worldly life.

Gurudev modulates from one tone to another while narrating his own experiences in his conscipusness and intimate style. We need the Guru more than a friend, a son, a brother or even a wife.

Do not allow your church, party, country, religion or degrees to come in the way of your meditation on the inner Being. He does not rob them of their money, but of their ignorance. Brown rated it it was amazing May 17, The movements will occur by themselves. May I ever meditate on thee in my heart. Even then he may feel curious about the nature of the experiences he has had, about those he will have later and their sequence, about the present level of his progress and what he should do to advance further.

Your muktsnanda, daughters, parents-in-law and neighbours will all appear divine to you. Truly speaking, he is himself the Supreme Being.

Play of Consciousness

O man and woman! Sometimes Shaktipat takes place even without a thought on the part of the Guru.

Whither are you multananda Whatever sweet- The Importance of God-realisation 3 ness and joy we experience belong to His infinite nature. Will he enjoy the love of a brother? This book is chiefly meant for all those seekers, young and old, who follow the Siddha path.

I live by his kind favour.

Full text of “Chitshakti Vilas, The Play Of Consciousness Swami Muktananda”

Do not head towards decline and disaster by regarding this body as Godless. One mother in particular has taken care of me as her own son during my tours, enduring all hardships for my sake. The husband The Importance of God-realisation 11 and the wife will consider each other divine. The Guru understands the ways of the world very well. If one meditates in the same place every day, one will be able to meditate better as time passes. He is not only their prana, but also their true wealth.


Play of consciousness = Chitshakti vilas / Swami Muktananda – Details – Trove

Whatever your race, community or country, meditate on the inner Parashakti. Visitors were allowed only half an hour for satsang in the evening. Feb 28, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: Meditate, regardless of your religious affiliation, because no worthwhile creed could possibly prohibit meditation on the Self. Then you will experience perfection in spite of any possible deficiencies in your worldly life. If your inner Shakti is awakened, the blissful Parashakti will spread Her dynamic influence throughout your body.

In fact, I was the fruit of her life-long worship of supreme Shiva, a boon of His grace to her. Very soon Shakti will work in you with the speed of lightning. You touch your wife for highest bliss but ultimately feel bitterly frustrated. The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle.

From the Finite to the Infinite Swami Muktananda. The divine sport is full of bliss. But it is said that the way to God is extremely difficult.

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